Monday, July 12, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

Today was Caity's first day of Kindergarten. The school year officially starts on August 30th but since she is going to be taking the Korean FLAG Program, they have a 3 week Summer School from July 12th to July 30th from 8am to 12pm.

This morning started out VERY well! She got up at 645am when it was time to get up and go potty, eat breakfast and get dressed. I wasn't sure how long it would take for us to get ready with everyone getting up so early but we had 20 minutes to spare so we (the kids) might get to sleep until 7am tomorrow.

We got to school and she even got to be the first in line.



We found out that her teachers are going to be Ms. Youn and Ms. Park.

Ms. Youn

Ready for Class

She even made a new firend (Joseph) and they had enough time to pose for some SILLY pictures:



Her HomeRoom is Youn. I am assuming that it is the Korean teacher because she said she couldn't understand very much today but she still had fun.

We made it to about 930 at school when Mommy got a call from Ms. Wong in the office because Cait went with a buddy to the bathroom and consequently got her finger caught in the door jam. Ms. Wong kept describing it as SQUISHED. She sent me a picture and I rushed out of my class to go get her and we went to the Emergency Room at Glendale Adventist. I was told that she didn't cry very much about it and was a very brave big girl. They had put ice on it to control the swelling and that helped.



This is what it looked like when I picked her up. The dent was gone and it had swelled up from being banged around and squished for so long.

She had fun at the hospital. She got to be in her own room and not just divided by a curtain. The security, triage nurse and Doctor all loved her! She was Little Miss Chatterbox the entire time. Very interested in everything that was going on. They took her temp, then her weight and pulse. Security gave her a Sponge Bob sticker and she loves it. He even came back and asked how the Princess was doing.


We got x-rays done, Mommy had to stay outside. It is not broken thankfully but we are still going to keep a splint on it for the next few days just to keep it straight.