Sunday, August 22, 2010

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Sunday, August 8, 2010


As soon as I found out that I was having twins i started looking up support groups for others that were expecting twins. What I found was an entire community. Not only comprised of those that were expecting but also who had had their twins already.

I began attending meeting for my "Mom Group" in October or November of 2008. The first meeting was a Round Table Discussion. The location that we meet at is perfect for this as it is a bunch of table that are split into age groups. The first being pregnant to 12 months, then 13 months to 2 years and so on. This is where I met my first connection to another MOM (Mother of Multiples), Aimee. Her twins were born at 28 weeks gestation and  were in the NICU for quite a while. They were born on Cait's birthday in 2007. There wasn't a meeting in December but they have a Breakfast with Santa every year and although I was heavily pregnant, I still took Cait after her skating class. When I had the twins the next month, Aimee was beyond generous and came to visit while I was in the hospital. She gave us the car seats that her kids had used since they were now too big for them. That right there was the best gift.

I have continued to stay current with the other MOMs and I am now the Chair for Ways and Means 2010-2011. I keep up to date with the National Organization through their magazine called THE NOTEBOOK and through facebook. It was first brought to my attention in the magazine about a convention that they have every year. This year it was in Toledo. Next year is Chicago and 2010 is in Charlotte. I was hoping to be able to make it to Charlotte in 2012 but now that we have family in Chicago, I am aiming for 2011. Maybe even bring the kids and they can visit family as well, making it an extended vacation instead of just the week is a possibility in my mind as well. Funds are what will make or break it.

I hope to be able to make more friendships with other MOMs and connections that will last throughout the years. Being able to connect to others that share the same challenges of raising multiples is priceless. 

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